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Resin-Coated Photos What Temp?


WOW Framer
Wanting to mount a 4x 6 resin-coated photo to 4 ply mat, for floating over a larger substrate. Was planning to use KoolTack mat, but then remembered the heat thing. Usually avoid heat with those, but I do recall mounting and laminating one 23 years ago that turned out fine. Have you mounted resin-coated images at 150 and found the color to last/fade? I've mounted plenty of stuff on it, but for some reason, this one hasn't come up. If you wouldn't use that, what permanent mount would you use on 4-ply?
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PFG, Picture Framing God
FWIW, Ilford recommends 20 seconds @ 80°C - 90°C, so 150°F should be fine.
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