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School Is Back In Session - Fall Framing Classes Announced

Paul Cascio

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
The American Picture Framing Academy is pleased to announce 2 fall classes, including our always popular Fall Foliage Edition Class, October 18-20 in beautiful Southington, CT. Located midway between NY and Boston, in Southington (pronounced "Suthington") is a charming town surrounded by mountains and located just down the road from EPSN's headquarters and studios.

We'll also return to Daytona Beach for a 3-Day Professional Framing Class , Dec 6-8. Class is held at a wonderful oceanfront hotel. Student will enjoy great rates and great service too.

For more information about our classes, or to enroll, visit www.pictureframingschool.com , or call 860.940.9262.

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