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Hey All,
I just got a new to me Seal 210M. No manual. What do I need to use inside the bed when mounting between the press and the artwork? Also, anywhere I can find manual?

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Most distributors that have matboard will have release boards. I keep a sheet of flawboard cut to size on top of the pad when using 1/8 foam board for mounting and remove it for 3/16 board. This keep the thickness of the package consistent so that you don't compress the pad. They are expensive to replace.

Take extra pains to keep anything from getting on the pad and clean off the platen right away if something adheres to it.

You might want to get Chris Paschke's book of mounting, The Mounting and Laminating Handbook. You might find it used on Amazon. One of the older editions should be fine for your purposes. The newer editions have additional information about more recent mounting methods. Maybe more than you wanted to know...


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Grumbler Larry Peterson has a library of manuals on his web site,
here's the link.

As mentioned, you can get release boards pre-made, or you can get single sided release paper and make your own whatever size you want.