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GOB: Shop closing in Fairfield, OH


Grumbler in Training
Our shop is closing at the end of September, and we still have a few pieces of equipment/fixtures for sale. They are:

Omega Double Mitre Saw with 3 sets of blades: $800
Cassese CS 910: $500
Seal Dry Mount Press (Vacuseal 3444H): $800
Sales Counter: $500
Selwyn Corner Sample Display: $300
Selwyn Print Flipper(30 pages) $500
Print Bins: $50 each

Because we're in a time crunch to close, any reasonable offer will be considered. We have a lot of other stuff, too numerous to mention, but if you would like to know more, give me a call at 513-310-1240.

Alan Carpe
Fairfield Framing Gallery
Fairfield, OH
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Sponsor Wanted