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B. Newman

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Originally posted by Framing Goddess:
Betty, that's not just a poll you posted, that's marketing research for the PPFA!
Maybe so, but I'm looking at it from a "serious" homebased framer's viewpoint. I really feel that it's not your location, but your attitude that makes you a professional. Maybe that includes belonging to the PPFA, maybe not. Just for me it does.

And if there are others that feel this way, maybe the industry as a whole will be more accepting of homebased framers as a serious part of the industry.



PFG, Picture Framing God
It would interest me to know just how many of the "storefront" framers started out as I and many others of us did - as homebased framers. I am not the least bit ashamed of starting out in my home and none of you should be either.

The point is if you don't start SOMEWHERE you never move off dead center through your entire life. If you don't take a chance, if you don't pursue your curiousity, you will never know the satisfaction of doing whatever it is that piques your interest.

I have always felt that the negative bias against homebased framers was unfounded in the reasons that are given by anybody that uses this type of discrimination. If you are operating a professional frame shop, framing in acceptable standards of the trade, how could a small homebased business pose a threat to you?? There are a score of other reasons that are given and most all of them refer back to a lack of confidence or insecurity on the part of the "accuser".


The King

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
I don't understand the bias against home-based framers. I've heard the argument that they under-charge because they have much lower overhead. Well if being home-based is such a financial advantage, why aren't we ALL home-based? I'll bet Betty's prices are pretty much in line with mine. Maybe people are confusing home-based with hobby framers - those people who frame for fun (like most of us claim to be doing) and for friends and don't ever expect to make a living at it.

Bob Carter

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
I think Ron is right in not be able to discrminate between the "hobbyist" and the "home-based"

Most store front seem to feel that the person that runs down to the independent supplier and buys framing materials would have been a sale that they would have made. Probably not, but you have to set a standard somewhere.

There are plenty of good reasons for a person to be home-based. Some justified, some rationalized. The truth is very few of the home-based compete for our business, and I would dare say, we don't compete for theirs. Two different clienteles.

But if there is a deserved bias, it's against those (and I'm sure it's a very small percentage)that do business from their home to simply to avoid the overhead the rest of us assume. And then use it to sell for below-market price. That element does little to further the trade.

Bu then, I have seen the bias against the"big guys" also. It seems if you wander too far from mainstream, you just might fall into that bias. I have had people tell me that (because of my volume)our work can't be first rate, that somehow producing less ensures quality.

If that's the case, then Jay Goltz must be worst framer in the industry. And we know that ain't true.

So biases come in all flavors-and they are all equally wrong


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
I took a matting and framing class from the local tech school about a year ago simply becouse it was something I wanted to learn to do for myself. I've been enjoying it very much. I've gotten alot of compliments on my work. To the point where people outside my circle of family and close friends have asked me to do work for them. I feel I'm no longer a "hobbiest" but not quit a "business". Something I hear alot of from "customers" is: " I have this (picture, poster, needle point, whatever) sitting in the closet I've been meaning to get framed. Would you frame it for me? " My point is I don't feel as though I'm competeing with store-front businesses or even home based businesses. There are plenty of frame shops in our area that these people could take their pieces to, but they leave them on the shelf until someone like me comes along.

I'd like to see this pole carried one step further. Of the home based responses, how many are first income (full time), second income (part time) or hobbiest.


B. Newman

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Denny, there's even a second part to that too. I know several store front framers that have other jobs as well.

As for me, this is my only job (along with taking care of parents, inlaws, and 2 teenage boys. It's nothing unusual to have 8-10 Doctors appointments per month). However my husband has a good full time job. If not for him, I couldn't do it. Not because of the framing income, but because of my other responsibilities.



SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
As for me, this is my only job (along with taking care of parents, inlaws, and 2 teenage boys. It's nothing unusual to have 8-10 Doctors appointments per month).
Appears to me you have several jobs. Do you find the framing a nice way to relax? My son and daughter are on their own. I have a full time job and hold country dance lessons once a week (thus the handle "Dancinbaer") and a dance once a month. In between I'm remodeling the house. But hey, ain't life great!! ;)


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
:confused: I have mixed feelings. I'm not sure where I stand on this sensitive subject.

The Grumble has helped me gain respect for the Home-basers position.

Ok, maybe for me the most important thing if you're not a wholesale framer, is price standardization. I do believe that those framers that don't understand the importance of this concept, or don't need to support themselves, and don't care, dilute the rest of us who do!

I guess most hobbyists and Home-basers are at an economic disadvantage due to location, so it balances things out.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel that to many framers cannot afford to be framers without another income.

Minimum price standards are one step in the solution. Maybe FACTS can help with that?

I donno, I’m goin to get some Chinese food.



CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Lessafinger, what you are suggesting is called price fixing and that can get you in serious trouble leaglly if carried any further. Now, your concerns may be valid if you are consistently losing customers, but you may have to examine your own prices and/or services.
I am the first to admit that when we were homebased, we underbid a few projects that we knew larger galleries could not compete with but more often than not, the choicier jobs went to galleries that appeared larger and more professional. These galleries also benefitted from "economies of scale".
We were homebased for 4 1/2 years, worked a second job only in our 1st year, and grossed close to $200,000 in our last year. We also did mostly full retail with the exception of corporate discounts, so you can clearly see how lucrative being home based was.
Why did we go retail, you may ask? Well that's a whole new story that I won't bore you with.

B. Newman

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Thanks Less for bringing this back to the top. I've noticed a lot of homebased people registering lately. Perhaps this just shows their (our) quest to do things right.

Gee, who'da thunk it??? Home based framers and Big Box framers are real people. And nice too!! :eek: