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The Secret Shopper Came Today


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Our visit happened yesterday.

Tim, our part time college student, gets the money.

Thanks Tru Vue.



...don't hold your breath for a check though. We've been waiting over a month or so.

danny boy

PFG, Picture Framing God
How fun is this. My check is in the mail. As much fun as Christmas I'll say.
Thanks Tru-Vue for the insenative to up-sell even more.


In Corner
Just got our $75 check today ..... I was gonna give it to the framer who mentioned AR glass, but figured, sc**w it ....I'm greedy; I'll keep it.....:)

couture's gallery

PFG, Picture Framing God
got our check today...will almost fill the tank on my Yukon..oh well!!!!


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Has anyone been visited twice? Just once for us....but would welcome them again!


PFG, Picture Framing God
Glad this came up.

The $75.00 check arrived today and I passed it on to the part timer who earned it.

Bring it on again.

This was a fine promotion and a way to motivate and reward my small staff with no expense to the business.

As the owner of a small company I appreciate the help.


j Paul

PFG, Picture Framing God
Well, I just had the secret shopper in. (I know some of you don't like the idea ) But $75.00 in my pocket is $75.00 in my pocket after all.

The lady was local and we talked for awhile afterwords. She really didn't know too much about the product but was impressed after I showed her a few examples. She had her 9/10 yr. old daughter with her. She might be feeding me a line but I don't think so, telling me that she would come back to really frame some things with me. Of course then I razzle dazzled her with my charm and my visualization program. :p

I actually called my nearest competitor and gave them the heads up that she might be coming in. That was a good idea, as it seemed to put us on much better terms.

ps. When I asked her what room it was going to hang in, furniture style, colors etc. she had to pause and think about that. Guess they aren't used to that. Actual length of time spent was about average, she didn't ask for any different options than the 2 or 3 that I presented. She did pick the best one.


PFG, Picture Framing God
Well, I just had the secret shopper in. (I know some of you don't like the idea ) But $75.00 in my pocket is $75.00 in my pocket after all.
I'm not asking for dollar amounts, but would any Grumblers who signed up for the program care to share what percent of their glass sales were Museum Glass before and after the program? In other words, did you find you were selling more of it, less, or the same?

framing fashionista

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
I agree Dave, I'd be interested in that same information! We typically have an upscale clientele who are looking for trend forward design. Last spring I bought a case of 24 x 36 MG and for my better clients, would give them a complimentary upgrade without mentioning it during the design process. Then when they came back to pick up their framing, they were thrilled. Now those same clients will accept nothing less and are more than willing to pay for it. Our business is built on referrals and now their friends come in and say "make sure I get that museum glass". Okay, now getting to the point. Prior to the secret shopper/free upgrade campaign, we would sell the MG maybe once a month and CC was our default. Currently our sales are 60% MG, 35% CC, 5% other. For us, the campaign paid off!

Jerry Ervin

PFG, Picture Framing God
... did you find you were selling more of it, less, or the same?

The same. I have saw no difference in sales.

The people who love it, buy it. And the people that think it is too pricey is not going to buy it no matter what you say.

I had a guy in yesterday that just would not pay 6 bucks difference to get CC over plain glass. He is getting plain glass on his L/E prints. Oh well.


PFG, Picture Framing God
No, I haven't sold more museum glass as a result of the secret shopper campaign.

I have sold more since I hung the Larson Juhl museum glass display though.

I ask what type of glass near the end of the design session. If they're new customers that usually means explaining uv coatings vs non and directing them towards the display on the wall.

It's a very effective tool.

I love the way museum glass disappears but almost feel like I have to warn people about cleaning it. That anti reflective coating is definitely tempremental!

I signed up late for the secret shopper and had my visit today.
It was fairly obvious that he was a professional shopper. Very pleasant and didn't take up much time.

He asked me what brand of glass ...after I'd been through the demo...I didn't tell him that it was True Vue Museum glass, just museum.

He even asked how to clean it!

Of course I would rather have framed the print he brought into the shop but I don't always get the sale anyway.

Most potential customers take up a lot more time than the True Vue's secret shopper did, at least in my shop. So being shopped was a pleasant start to my day.


WOW Framer
So. let me get this straight.
This thread started October 2, 2007, and it's still going on?

That's almost old enough to carbon date.

Do they go on for longer sometimes?

I'm wondering when a thread stops being alive
and starts being a zombie.
(Probably when people like me bring it
staggering back to life.....)

Well, for what it's worth, along with the Tru-Vue
tassel sample, I have a homemade sample with
C.C., C.R.C, and Museum in the same frame
over one mat. I started showing the museum more
last year and now, (surprise!), we sell it sometimes.

When I tell people about the kinds of glass,
if it's a person who obviously isn't going to
use museum glass on this fifteen dollar poster,
I introduce it a different way.
I say, "If in the future you ever have anything
you want to look just perfect, you'll want to
know about museum glass."

They appreciate the knowledge, and it's a
sideways way of presenting the glass that
keeps them from feeling pressured.
Some customers have immediately switched
to it on that very job. The others go away
feeling like I took time to let them know
all their options.

If this thread is still going on October 2nd, 2008
will Danny Boy and Hanna send it a cake? :)



SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Secret shopper or no secret shopper, I sell a lot of museum glass. I made up a sample by framing our wedding portrait. Whenever a client comes in, I point it out and ask if they see the glass. They never do. Then I tell them about the UV screening properties, and a good percentage of them go for it.


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Sweet Secret Shopper

My TruVue Secret Shopper came in and was really cute....she can come back anytime and let me spend a few minutes extolling the virtues of Museum Glass!

...and thanks for the 75 bucks TruVue. the display, although not the best looking, is a good and convincing selling tool. Without question, since I've put up the display I've sold more MG.


Jack Flynn

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
That shopper gets around. On the phone in my case, yesterday afternoon. I said the magic words and will receive the $75 in 6+ weeks. Eazy peazy.

Funny thing was....by now I had forgotten about the promotion.


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Secret shopper caame in last week, with a poster rolled up in a trash bag. She said it was a mothers day present from her daughter.
The art itself was in pretty bad shape. I almost recommened a conservator ha. Whatever the condition ...Frame, fabric mat and fillet were in order and as for the glass. She basically chose it herself from the many homemade cc/m glass samples. She said she would be back to get something framed and I may pass the $75 onto her.
With a purchase of $500 or more. Thanks TV
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