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Things Customers love to say......


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My all time favorite...
Through the process of elimination the decision on moulding is finally made. Not a split second later, "So how much is that going to cost"?

Folks...No POS comments, please. I'll check mobile options at WCAF.


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Originally Posted by j Paul
I used to really get asked that question a lot more when I was in the contracting business. I could never figure it out.
I guess being an honest person, it just never occured to me that what they were really saying is, "I'll pay you in cash so you don't have to report this income" ,"so how much are you willing to discount it, since the IRS isn't going to know"

Cash, check, credit all the same to me. Actually bank loans were even better as we received a couple of points back for writing the paper.
I always have taken it as the intention of a 2-3 % savings on the processing fees.
I will always give it. Cash is King!~


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We are happily without a POS system, too. Do have a Wizard, but I do my designing and pricing the manual way. Interestingly, even though our prices are up where they should be, I almost never get people who quibble. Partly it's that they trust me, and for the new ones, I have a way of gently giving them an idea ahead of time so they know what to expect. But also I think it has something to do with seeing me sit down and tot up all those numbers in little columns from our price list. Using a real pencil and adding machine and everything.

For whatever reason, I rarely ever get someone trying to talk the price down. Meaning, probably once a month. If they do, I explain that a subtotal of $1000.00 gets a 5% discount, and then show them the options for what a less costly frame job would look like. I'm not one to sell up without respect for their wishes, so am happy to show them more budget minded ideas.

A guy came in Saturday who said, "What I'm wondering is why I should frame it here when I can frame it in Boise for half that price?" He's a new customer whose mother brings all her work to me. I told him that I really appreciated his honesty, and that if there are two equally good designs, of equally good construction, and very different prices, he should get the least costly one even if that isn't from our shop. I said that a small custom frame shop might have higher prices than a bigger store, because among other things, we order in smaller amounts and they can get their supplies in huge lower-priced quantities. Then I proceeded to let him know all the things he needs to be sure another framer is aware of, such as various substrates and types of protective glass. I also reminded him that since there's no obligation with us, it only makes sense for him to do reconnaissance and see if he likes our designs. He allowed as how that was a good idea and pretty soon was feeling really good about framing it with us. Maybe sometimes it's a matter of developing the ability to read people and speak to them in ways that help them to relax. After framing this with us, he'll be back, and I like knowing that every time he looks at that framed print he'll have a good feeling about the process of choosing the design.


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What gets me slightly miffed is when people come 'fishing' for a quote. Either in person or on the phone. They don't bring the thing to be framed with them. Sometimes they seem strangely reluctant to admit that it even exists. So then you go into '20 questions' mode trying to discover what they actually want.

"How much would a frame cost about (draws square in the air with hands), in a sort of pine?"

"Not sure. Do you just want the bare frame?"

"Well it will want glass in it won't it".

"That depends. What do you want the frame for?"

"It's for a picture".....

.... This goes on for about ten minutes when suddenly they have a blinding revelation....

"I really aught to bring it in so you can have a look at it didn't I?"

"Yes, That would help". (Trying not to sound sarcastic).:icon11:

Would you ring your doctor and ask, "How much are your pills?":confused:


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
What gets me slightly miffed is when people come 'fishing' for a quote. Either in person or on the phone. They don't bring the thing to be framed with them. Sometimes they seem strangely reluctant to admit that it even exists. So then you go into '20 questions' mode trying to discover what they actually want.
One of my favorite customer question is, "can you just give me an average price for a middle of the road wood frame, for an average size frame?"

I just want to scream out, "CAN YOU BE A LITTLE MORE VAGUE ?" But I don't.


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I agree I hate that phone call "Could you tell me how much a 16x20 frame would cost?"
Canned answer
$15.99 to $500.00 just depends on what you are looking for. I suggest you stop by so you can choose what looks best..ask for Jim, or anyone who is here can help you .

(The 15.99 is a ready made.)

Rick Granick

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Shayla, I love that post. You are a wise woman. If you ever decide to move to Cincinnati, please call me. You would fit in really well here.
:cool: Rick
It's OK. I've had other employees over 6 foot. (I'm 5'5");)


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Rick, thanks for your encouraging words. That was a kind thing for you to say and I appreciate it. I'm only over six feet with my shoes on. Barefoot, I'm shy by half an inch. Every now and then I think up some incident or other from childhood and tell my mom that the trauma from it stunted my growth. :p


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Can I write about something else that really felt good? Last month one of my ladies brought in a cross stitch. With it, she had all the mat and frame numbers that a Michael's designer in another town had Her daughter took the piece there and got a design quote with all the numbers and the price. She took it home to think about and told June, "How 'bout if you take it to that lady who designs for you? I always like what she comes up with."

I got out the triple mat idea they had been shown and explained to her how the mats were far too dark for the piece. It was a triple, with suede on either side of a metallic, and the piece looked faded next to them. I chose a subtle mat that really brought out the colors in her work, and framed it with that new Nielsen Gilded metal that has the gold swirly edges. She was so happy with the new design and gladly paid almost a hundred dollars more than the previous quote.

So often, I read about people who suffer from losing customers to the big boxes, and it felt like magic being able to experience the reverse.
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