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Today, we got sued!


PFG, Picture Framing God
And tonight is one giant "WHEW!" heard 'round the world for our friend John Baker from San Diego, California, USA. That could've been any one of us, still yet could be, but because of The Grumble, and John's sharing his experience with us, I'm sure there's more than a few of us who are looking around at our own shops thinking about how we can do what we should've already done...making sure our shops and businesses are handicap-friendly. And I do mean Friendly!!
Thanks John. You've done us proud!!


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
What Val said! :D
Thanks so very much for sharing this with us, John, and thanks so very much to the Grumble. This is what great relationships are all about! :D

Sherry Lee

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I keep waiting for you to share that Hollywood has approached you with MILLIONS to have the rights to your story.

You are a "first class act" by facing this adversity with what appears to be all the right angles. Bravo! Bravo!

David N Waldmann

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Anyone know what the record number of pages or replies to a thread?

While I'm at it, congrats John for a reasonable outcome.


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

PFM might be interested in your story. If I were you I would contact them or Jim MIller.

A lot of framers and handi-capped people could benefit from getting the word out about compliance.

If they do like it charge them 800.00 for the article. (Just kidding about the cash)

Glad it all worked out for you on the cheaper side.

Thanks for making us all aware, you got me thinking.


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Originally posted by J Phipps TN:
I've never seen one that is 7 pages long before, so this one must be close to the longest.
I don't remember how long it was - "the totally useless thread"? It might have been longer...


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I am very pleased that the outcome you have obtained is not as severe as it could have been.
I still don't understand why an individual should benefit from any business' slight non compliance with any regulation, but that's your country's law not ours, so it's probably none of my personal business anyway.
Perhaps you could consider keeping some records so that you can make an annual report of the number of people who come into your business who personally benefit from the changes you make and also keep track of a dollar value of the amounts spent in your shop by those specific people. This would validate the necessary changes brought about by the ADA laws.

I trust that now this unfortunate man will become a regular customer. This would then indicate that he really is concerned with the necessity of the changes that you have to make and that they are for his benefit as well as others in the same situation.

danny boy

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The totally useless thread had around 1000 posts if I remember right,(but who's counting). But I feel the posts here have been of greater use to all of us. Who knows, maybe we can all learn something from this topic???

John, thank- you for keeping us posted, this sounds like a scarry thing for anyone to have happen to them. Many of us have watched, read and wondered. I'm glad that its almost over.

Mike LeCompte CPF

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Tim, et. al. I was misunderstood. When I said "don't help these people" I meant to imply not to be condescending.

Of COURSE we hold doors open for people, ask if we can help, etc etc disability or no disability. But these sounded to me like militant disability activists--at least that's the way John was describing them in my opinion. That said, the last thing some activists want is being patronized.

As stated earlier, I've been involved in this arena for years and have met some very energetic, angry people. I just thought these may be some of them.

Sorry if I was misunderstood.


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Mike I was hoping that I misunderstood you. Thanks for clearing up.

I can not say that I have the same experience as you, but I do know of the type that you are talking about and unfortunately with many of the people with the attitude that you talk of, you are an a$$ if you hold the door and you are an a$$ if you don't.

I would rather be the a$$ that did hold the door than the one who didn't.


PFG, Picture Framing God
I've always thought that this was one of The Grumbles main attributes, keeping each other informed about things that affect our businesses' and our lives. Thanking me for doing what we all do every time we post does not seem necessary.

The whole matter is not completely settled, the other shops on our block are now trying to decide if they want to join in on my attorneys agreement with this guy. That means splitting my attorney fees six ways if they all come on board. So far it's just me, Ta the tailor and the pizza shop.



True Grumbler
I was reminded of this thread as I read the following story in this morning's newspaper. The story from Reuters in Los Angeles is headlined " 'Paralyzed' woman gets up, runs from police "

A wheelchair-bound Los Angeles woman who has repeatedly filed lawsuits over access for the disabled, got up and ran after police arrested her for fraud, authorities said Thursday.

Laura Lee Medley, 35, had sued in at least four California cities over injuries she claimed she sustained while trying to navigate her wheelchair before she was suspected of fraud.

Medley, who claimed to be paralyzed from a drunk driving accident, was tracked to Las Vegas where police there took her into custody and then, when she complained of medical issues, to a local hospital, Long Beach prosecutor Belinda Mayes said.

"She gets to the hospital and while she's waiting for an examination, she gets up from the chair and runs," Mayes said. Somebody remarked, "That's where the great miracle occurred."

Medley sprinted through the hospital corridors but was quickly apprehended by police and booked pending extradition to San Bernardino, California where she is facing charges of filing false documents, attempted grand theft and insurance fraud.

I think I'll avoid adding any comments.
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