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Tool Hacks


WOW Framer
Framers have asked to see our altered arbor press, so here are pics.

framing arbor press resized.jpg

framing arbor press close resized.jpg

It's for joining Hoffman-routed frames. First, he held the frame legs with his hands and pushed the plunger with his chin.
Then, he came up with this. Pneumatic foot valve, with shuttle valve on the exhaust. Mounted on a roller track.

Feel free to post photos of changes you've made to tools/machinery.


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Great idea. How many routed frames do you join? Do you have a underpinner?


WOW Framer
For the framer who asked to see this in action. He usually glues the frame ends before inserting the Hoffman key.



CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Great idea. How many routed frames do you join? Do you have a underpinner?
We use the Hoffman system on rectangular profiles, only. The anvil on the arbor press is at the same height as the table surface. (Table surface is acrylic, and there's a small piece of acrylic on the anvil.) Pressing the key minimizes vertical offset between the legs, and that's critical for best appearance on rectangular mouldings. All other frames are glued first in MasterClamps and vnailed after the glue has cured.
As we are limited on space, (and who isn't?), the same joining table is used for both systems. Our Casese v-nailer is at the end of the table behind and to the left of the handsome guy in the video. Thus, the roller frame along which the arbor press slides. At first, we had the arbor press in a fixed position at about the center of the long side of the table, and the klutz (same handsome guy), had to either remove the arbor press and set it on the floor (tripping hazard), or risk banging up the moulding on large, v-nailed frames as they were rotated. The slide lets us move the arbor press out of the way of the v-nailer. Besides, it's cool.
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