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Trade Show Roundup 2010. Which one(s) are for you?

Mike Labbe

Member, Former moderator team volunteer
Which events/trade show(s) do you hope to attend in 2010?
West Coast Aart & Frame (WCAF) Vegas, PMA 2010 (PPFA) Anaheim, Decor Atlanta, etc :thumbsup:

Anonymous Monthly Survey & Discussion for October 2009

Is it in the budget for 2010?
Have you already booked?
What advantages do you see for each?
What do you hope to gain? (Education? Vendor specials? Social?)

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Mike Labbe

Member, Former moderator team volunteer
Which industry event(s) do you hope to attend in 2010? (209 participants)

50% WCAF - Las Vegas, NV Jan 25-27
32% PPFA chapter regional show or meeting
23% Small regional/vendor show/open house (LJ, DM, TC, etc)
22% NONE
20% PMA 2010 (PPFA) - Anaheim, CA Feb 21-23
17% Decor Expo Atlanta - Sep TBD
02% SMAC - Paris, France Jan 17-19
02% Spring Fair - Birmingham, UK Feb 7-11
02% Other A (please post w/explanation)
01% Quadrum SACA - Bologna, Italy Feb 10-21