TruVue / Larson Coupon Mailers


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For Larson-Juhl / TruVue Customers:
TruVue Coupon Postcards

Did you get your complimentary 100 postcard mailers yet?

Just got mine today. They say we have to mail them out by 12/31/03, and they expire 2/28/04. These are to encourage post holiday sales. There is also a referral coupon for a friend on the card.

Mail them to existing clients or new clients. Plug in your name and amount of discount.
The front of the card encourages clients to frame and preserve their holiday photo cards with TruGuard UV glass.

They are nicely designed, but I think they need to give us a little more time.

Do you suppose they will give us a discount on our glass? :rolleyes:

Thank you TruVue & Larson-Juhl.
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I got mine a couple of weeks ago. Can't decide who to send them out to because I just did a mailer to all my customers and I have a Roma card I am sending out the end of February. Don't want to look like I'm pestering my customers. They would be worth a shot to send out though.


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Kathy: so why not send out one to your customers and another to a coupla thousand or so new prospects you've gotten from various sources: direct mail house rented list for example.

Less: got mine, orderd another 2K Looks like a great idea, particularly the "bring a friend" thing. Nice touch.

Now really, whyever do you thing they'd lower prices"? Would you? I wouldn't


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I haven't seen these postcards. How did you get them? I do buy TV and from LJ.

Susan Gittlen CPF
Whispering Woods Gallery
Holland Pa


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Ok, so I have a problem with the cards. If I give a discount, I am lowering my margins-my profit becomes lower, and my COG % goes up-at least that's how I think it works. I have already lowered my margin by selling their glass exclusively-a move which I am in the process of rethinking for reasons I will not go into here. If Tru-vue wants me to lower my margins in a promotion offered strictly to promote their glass, I think they should give me the incentive to do this by giving me a price break on their glass.

They must make a fortune on their glass. I never see them promoting their matboard like they do their glass.

A better promotion might be for them to give US a break on their matboard and glass, and promote them together. I prefer $$$ off to %'s. also.

If they expect me to sacrifice something important, like profit, they could do better than sending me a few postcards to mail to people who are already my customers.

Pat Murphey

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I agree, Pam.

If Tru-Vue wants me to sell their glass at a discount, while charging me full price, they can forget it. I do sell their glass - UV, Museum, AR (and regular or reflection control only if the customer twists my arm). But, my pricing is based on their LJ box prices not less expensive alternatives.

Pat :D


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I look at the card as a vehicle to educate my customers about using UV glass...........I suppose TruVue is assuming a bit much by suggesting a discount, but I already offer a discount which is built into my pricing so I am not offended by the suggestion. I would hope the end result of this card would be the customer asking for the UV blocking glass, no harm in that.....

I sense a discount/don't discount debate coming on. I discount because I have to, I live for the day that all comers flock to Out on a Whim because they find out what a fabulous store I have, but until then I will leave out the pseudo bread crumbs in a form of a discount......


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Notice Larson's name is not on the card.

I think they feel the same way.

Give us cards with no coupons or give us cards with a free glass upgrade or glass offer and then we are talking!!!

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Why would Larson's name be on the card? I got mine from a local distributor not associated with Larson. Maybe that is why Larson's name isn't on them..............

Kathy Wymore
The Discount Queen of the Framing world
Why? Because I am crazy......


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Kathy, Discounting isn't the issue. The issue for me is that TruVue wants me to promote their product by taking a hit on my profits without giving me any incentive to do this for them.

This coupon is extremely self-serving on the part of Tru-Vue. It does nothing to promote the industry as a whole, or our shops in particular. I don't know why this bugs me so much, but it does.

John Richards

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Less and Kathy: These cards are available from any TruVue distributor. We had a fall glass sale and felt that for many of the reasons stated above that if we didn't offer another sale then this offer really didn't make a lot of sense to our customers. Customers can still get the cards from us, we're just not backing up the prices right now. (PS: I think it's a little over the top to think that TruVue makes a fortune on it's product. Keep in mind they are a converter not a manufacturer of glass.)