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Turn your small sized mat dropouts into CA$H


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Convert your 8x10" mat dropouts/ fall outs into "Collectible CA$H" with our hand signed mini prints by artist Randy Souders.

We have a large selection of small, hand signed 5x7" (image size + borders)* mini prints featuring Victorian houses, rural & small town Americana (general store, gas stations, feed store, soda fountain, barber shop, railroad, country schools, churches, courthouses, covered bridges, kitchens, medical, dental, haunted houses, Christmas etc), and "old world" themes (castles, cottages etc).

Simply add a 1.5" matting on each side for an 8x10" finished piece.

$00.25 cents each (+ actual shipping/ postage via USPS)

Your choice/ mix and match. Quantities of 50 ($12.50), 100 ($25) or more.

MINT condition * never displayed * direct from the artist/ publisher

Each hand signed by the artist. Promotional biography about the artist is available for you to print.

Click to view themed collections http://randysouders.com/artworks.htm

Email: soudersfineart@yahoo.com

*Note: A few images are slightly odd sized. However, all can be displayed within an 8x10" mat.

Limited quantities of LARGER versions of most mini prints are also available. Inquire for prices and availability.

(C) Disney or MGM/Oz images are not available.
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