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For Sale: Turnkey Picture Framing Shop


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Framing Shop for Sale

This is a turnkey brick and mortar framing business in continuous operation in Colorado for the past 12 years. I am selling because I have experienced life changes and I want to do other things with my life.

I am offering two options for sale:

1. Equipment and Inventory – this option is perfect for a buyer looking to either open a new framing shop, or expand an existing business into another location. You buy all my equipment and inventory – pretty much everything you need to set up a new or 2nd location.

All equipment is in good working order, all originally purchased new, and includes:
  • Fletcher Valiani Mat-Pro 150 Computerized mat cutter with Windows Computer and V-Studio software installed.
  • Fletcher Corner Pro 5700 Underpinner
  • Fletcher 3000 Wall Cutter (60 inch)
  • Pistorius Model KF Chopper with 3 sets of blades
  • Beinfang Roller Press
  • Shrink wrap machine (30 inch) with heat gun
  • Vices and framing tools
Gallery inventory includes:
  • Framed pieces from gallery – approximately 25 pieces sale ready – prints, mirrors, LEprints
  • Handmade cherrywood mat storage cart
  • Brass rod gallery hanging system with rods and hooks
  • Easels, display tables, shelving, and sandwich board
  • A small selection of saleable gifts – handmade pottery, candles, small home furnishings

Back of House inventory includes:
  • Remnant mat boards, backing boards
  • Remnant and new frame stock – whole and partial sticks (all wood)
  • Glass remnant stock – Mostly TruVue
  • Framing supplies – tapes, nails & screws, hangers, wire, backing paper, bags, dispensers, carts, etc.
  • 2 4x8 foot cabinet-grade plywood work tables –can be disassembled
  • 3 large steel flat file units – 5 drawers in each

This option – Equipment and Inventory is priced at $10,000. You must take possession in Northern Colorado no later than July 15, 2019. I am happy to help you pack and load it into your truck. Not interested (at this point) in selling bits and bobs, you must take the whole thing.

2. You want the whole Business – If you are already in, or interested in settling in Northern Colorado, and you want a turnkey framing shop with a 5-star Google rating and a loyal customer base of more than 3,400 customers with sales history and contact info, then this is the option for you! You will be required to negotiate a lease with the Landlord by July 31, 2019 and assume lease and possession as of August 1, 2019.

This option –$10,000 plus negotiated fee for the business, good will, name, etc.

You can contact me at 970-581-5819 for more information, or send me a PM here on the Grumble.
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