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Hi, after being in my shop for two months the underpinned (first services in 1986, LOL) DIED. I am looking for an affordable used machine. I think, from my local research a Mitre Mite VN2 would be great for me as I join some wider frames up to 5" Wide. My local reps have nothing at the moment. Any suggestions or advise would be great.
Cheers, Tad.


Grumbler in Training
Yeah, nothing really there right now and Doug from that site is looking for me.



Grumbler in Training
They are not all still available or mind east cost. The one on Ebay, I believe is for parts only. Meaning its not in working order. all, I will continue my search.

Joe B

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
I’m thinking about getting this one:
I would be very cautious about purchasing an off-brand underpinner. You may have problems finding v-nails and if there is a breakdown it may be near impossible to purchase the parts that are necessary to repair it....... just saying....


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Thanks, I am looking at trusted brands but, my funds are low and looking at good used machines

Mike Labbe

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Have you considered repairing what you have, even if just to keep as a backup? They're fairly simple machines and easy to service yourself.

What is the symptom?

There are some discussions in the tech and equipment forum on the Grumble, going through troubleshooting for some popular models.


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There not much you can't fix yourself. Goooooogle the brand name and check if parts are available. I've even bought rebuilt kits for worn out cylinders and in a couple of hours it worked as good as new.
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