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**used FLETCHER 3000 cutter in Oregon - $575**

Discussion in 'Commercial Posts, For Sale of Framing Shop Stuff a' started by Joel Ebarb, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. Joel Ebarb

    Joel Ebarb Grumbler in Training

    IMG_20181112_133856 (2).jpg
    I have a used, good working condition Fletcher 3000 (60 in x 72 in) multi-material cutter for sale. Its an older model Fletcher, however, it functions properly and is ready to go to work. This particular model is wall-mountable for added stability. Precisely cut glass, acrylic and mat board with ease. This cutter was originally used in a picture frame shop in Portland, and most recently, to make glass aquariums and terrariums. For more information and additional photos, please message me and I'll get back to you promptly. The cutter is located in Willamina, Oregon and is available for pick up only (no shipping).

    (Date of posting: 12/20/18)
    W.D. Quinn Saw Co.
  2. Joel Ebarb

    Joel Ebarb Grumbler in Training

W.D. Quinn Saw Co.

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