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For Sale: Valiani Fletcher CMC and all equipment of frame shop


Grumbler in Training
Closing frame shop.Everything you need to start your own shop. Just move contents to new location.
Price is negotiable.call 603-356-3979 or email melanie_ring@hotmail.com

Valiani Fletcher CMC 150 mat cutter w/changeable heads & Dell computer
Mitre-Mite VN+1 underpinner
Jun-Air compressor
Morso mitering machine (guillotine)
Seal Masterpiece 360 dry mount press
Acc u rite oval manual mat cutter
60" C&H mat cutter with squaring arm
V-Groove attachment for C&H mat cutter
multiple framing tools
workroom tables, storage units for glass and mats
all glass, mat board, and framing supplies

Design Mirror
Large frame display w/4" gold frame 4' x 8'
C&J 20K gold leaf corner samples
corner sample panels w/samples
Bainbridge,crescent,peterboro, and Larson juhl mat board corner samples
showroom display racks


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