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Wall Buddies


Jon Ostrander

Has anyone used them and are they as good as they look?

When you look back it's better to regret what you did, than what you didn't do.
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Alan Sturgess

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
We sell them to retailers and commercial framers. Those that use them love them and won't switch back to other products. We sell them mostly for wood frames and very few for metal frames. They are great for larger pictures and especially for mirrors. The mirror or picture will never not be level and all the customer has to do it put two WALL BUDDIES picture hooks into the wall reasonably level and it is ready to hang. They are designed for the weight of the frame to be carried by the vertical sides. There is none of the pressure of the wire pulling the sides toward the centre of the frame.

Another great advantage. No horizontal wire for the customer to "jerk" upward when they carry it and break the frame and or the wire. The customer has to carry the frame the way it should be carried - in two hands.

po' framer

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
This may not be the correct thing to do, but it is working for us so far.

Much of the difference in conservation framing is unseen and generally unappreciated, so we have been looking for ways to set it apart and give the customer some visible confirmation that their frame job has been special.

Besides using the blue-gray acid-free kraft paper from Lineco on this type of job, we also routinely use Wallbuddies, which immediately has impressed our customers that their framing job really had to be special.

Non-conservation frame jobs get the typical brown kraft and hangers with wire.

Perhaps not the right thing to do but it has been a good marketing tool for followup work and all the inventory isn't wasted that way.

I think Wallbuddies are great in themselves, by the way, and believe they could be used on any kind of framing. This is just the direction we've chosen.
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