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WCAF show versus PMA show


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Ok is it just me or is everyone getting about 2 or 3 e-mails from PMA about the Las Vegas Convention and Trade show daily?
They ( the PMA ) seem to have a great price on the workshops( PASS around $120. ) but it appears there are not some of the venders I want to see there.

Yesterday I got TWO calls from Picture Framing Magazine about THEIR West Coast ART & FRAME SHOW. I was VERY busy both times with the last minute rush. I explained this both times to the guy who called. "But it will just take 2 minutes to sign you up" he says! I told him to please call back after Christmas as I did not have 2 minutes.

Anyway I think I am going to the WCAF show because the time is better for us and some of the venders I want to see will be there. The classes are a lot more though . The PASS price for classes was in the $400.00 range I believe
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Angry Badger
I opted for the WCAF. The education deal at the PMA/PPFA show is very tempting but there are 2 meetings at the WCAF that directed me to pick it.
I got the same call from the folks at WCAF...guess they are concerned about attendance.
Next year will be an easier choice when the PMA/PPFA convention moves to Orlando for a couple of years, then I can do both.
Decor/Expo is having a show in Ft. Lauderdale at the same time as the WCAF....wonder how many vendors will be at both?

edit: I am also getting the email barrage. You would think that they would back off a little. It is getting to be annoying, and I'm beginning to delete tha emails without reading them.

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