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How have you mounted wedding rings that pass through the board? I have info. on mounting them to face up from the bottom (so any interior braces are hidden), but this one will be facing out. Do you do the same thing and hide the interior bracing with a fabric filling? These pics give an idea of what we're doing. This is a ratty mock-up I cut in a minute, to give her the idea. We're actually using suede mat.

sue e wedding ring mock up.jpg

sue e have you the wing.jpg
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Larry Peterson

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I have absolutely nothing to contribute to this thread.

That being said, my curiosity makes me ask.

Who frames a Wedding Ring? If the marriage is good, wifey will be wearing it. If it's over, the most likely receptacle would be down the drain, not in a frame.

So please, inquiring minds (well mine anyway) need to know the backstory. I must be missing something here but given that its been 40+ years since I have seen either of my wives wedding rings, I have to ask.


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It's her mother's wedding ring. She has a small old photo, with two rings. We designed it with a window for the photo, and a small window beneath for the rings. Larry, your note brings to mind some family stories. One is that I have my mom's first wedding ring. Dad had proposed to some other girl, and when they broke up, she returned the ring. When he and Mom got engaged, she only later learned that this was it's second walk in the park. lol... Second story: In high school, he broke up with a girl who proved to be creative. She was so upset that she threatened to leave a can of tuna open on her back porch until it spoiled, then eat it and die of food poisoning. I hope whoever she married wasn't a tuna fisherman. lol...

Ylva, one thing I'd imagined was adding a little pouf of silk fabric on the front, to go through the ring. Like a symbolic 'finger'. That's amazing, you created clay hands. Did you use stoneware clay and fire it, or Sculpey?

Rick Granick

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I have done it the way you show in your photo, Shayla. As you say, cross piece going through the ring is hidden behind the backing. If you cut the slot carefully and push the ring through gently, it may look OK as is. If you want, though, you can cover the slot inside the ring with a carefully cut and glued in small piece of the facing suede material peeled from a scrap.
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