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What do you charge for Larson 457904 per ft

Doug Gemmell

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Price Bracket

Cheap fodder for the huddled masses.

Doug Gemmell

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

Sorry Moglet, I would have thought someone would have given you a non-smart-### answer by now. I guess I will try.

It's kind of a low to mid range price for Larson Juhl. They make a nice product although some would say they may be a bit over priced. This particular line is a scoop, 1 3/4" wide in sort of a muted, mottled metallic. I like this line better than some who have responded. And I would consider myself part of the huddled masses.


PFG, Picture Framing God
Hi Doug, and thankyou for your replies to my questions! :)

I carry some Arqadia mouldings and I was able to have a look-see at the moulding in question. I ran it through my home-brew pricing system, and I would retail at round about the $16/ft mark, and cost price seems to be in line with US values.

In addition to seeing how my retail prices compare with retail prices of US framers, this thread also sparked my curiosity about what is a typical "average-priced" moulding Stateside. I'd like to think that my greatest strength as a novice framer is on the design side, and I'd really like to offer my customers a broader, more attractive, classier and more unusual range of mouldings than is typically available from small independents this side of the water. However, the styles I find appealling have heftier price tags, and I'm seeking to learn more about what customers might be willing to pay for better and wider choices - price resistance is a major issue for me in this "what'll you do for cash" culture! ;)

To give you an idea, the moulding in question would fall at the higher end of my current moulding offer. The dearest moulding chevron I currently have on my sample board has a cost price of $6.90/ft, but it is very much the exception.

From a business development perspective, I would find it helpful to gain some understanding of "average price points" from the US, particularly as I see US framers as leading lights in the profession (and incredibly inspiring, too!).

My apologies to all for the off-topic!


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Ms. BatesMotel,

You (and those who haven't gotten to it yet, either) should update NOW! Maybe this thread was a suble hint from Bob to update. Just think, you'll make more money if you update, and if you don't you lose!

Ms. BatesMotel will be taking her CPF soon and will need that $$$ to print her new business cards when she passes the exam...Also maybe make the prices a little higher to include the fund for "Next year in Las Vegas?!" :)


Thanks Sue for prodding me to update! Now $17.07 per foot.
Also 6 books down and six to go. See you in Vegas!

Tim da Prez

I was starting to feel awful getting what I get.....but then I saw a few folks with prices higher than mine!


(Central Ohio)


PFG, Picture Framing God
I find it hard to become actually interested in what other folks sell their stuff for, nor do I find distributors and manufacturers suggested retail price guides of any interest either.

My needs have little or nothing to do with another shop owners costs and overhead. My prices reflect what I need to pay my expenses, including myself, and be able to put a little into savings.

I do not care if my prices are higher or lower than another shops. I know what I need to charge to stay in business, and that is what I charge. I have never price shopped other shops, mainly because it would have no bearing on my situation whatsoever.



PFG, Picture Framing God
I should clarify my last post a little. I feel that custom picture framing is a "blind" product. Prices can vary radically from store to store, or even in the same store. Very few of our customer base bothers with actual price comparison shopping other than the ones who feel price is critical, artists, photographers, decorators and the like.

I have long ago geared my business to the home decorator, rather than the professionals. It is rare when my customers bother with price shopping. The few that have, usually end up back at my store anyway.

If my business was geared toward the above mentioned professionals, or semi professionals, then yes, I believe I would be doing some price shopping of my own.

I think businesses that are more into regular buy and sell retail, such as pet food supply, beauty products, clothing, groceries, etc. would most assuredly have to price shop their competition. These are not blind products they are selling, they must have their prices in line or lower than their competition. It would not matter what their overhead was unless their store was in a very exclusive area where the public would expect higher prices.

Those who recommend price shopping the competition are by no means wrong. It depends mostly on your customer base, and of course, your location.


Bob Carter

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Hey John-You are absolutely correct. I should charge as much as I can, but it is fun to get a sense of market values (kind of like when we all compare prices of gasoline)

The key is that prices are all over the board as they should be

This started because there was discussion of inflated prices to reflect greater discounts as being illegitimate. From the range of prices reflected (a swing of around $16 difference), there appears to be a bunch of pricing with out daddys

I do think most framers are interested in this stuff, though


PFG, Picture Framing God
Thanks Bob, I guess I felt the need to clarify after re-reading my first post on this thread. I think I came off as an arrogant prik, not that I'm not, I just like to be more secretive about it. :)

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