What do you put in your framing business cards...


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...besides your name, phone, email, fax & logo?
It's about time for me to re-order my business cards and am wondering what else you put in your business cards. My current one has a list of services on the back and a $20 Off coupon. It was printed on glossy paper (both sides) and sometimes I have to write on it and normal pens don't work.
My current card seems a little busy to me now and would like to simplify it a bit.
I'm looking for ideas as I also want my business card to stand out from the common white with black letters.

Image samples would be greatly appreciated.

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j Paul

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Troy, I've also got that problem with my laminated cards, next time I'll leave the back matte finish.

I remember a speaker one time mentioned something regarding why you should not put an offer on your card. "Leave it blank and write in an offer on the back when handing out your card" By hand writing the offer, it makes the person you are giving it to feel like they are special and you are doing it just for them.

Next time I print cards I will add my Facebook / Twitter info on the card also.

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I have always heard that you only have printing on one side, and leave the other side blank so you can write a note or something on the back.

I've received many business cards over the years, and the one I remember the best is Baer's because his is on fabric and he also has an image of a frame, with all of the information on the inside.


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Well, I never discount my framing as it totally goes against my philosophy of providing good value for the money they are spending and the image of consistency and quality that I am trying to convey in all my marketing efforts.

So, I have no need to leave the back blank to write an offer.

On the other hand, my shop is sometimes overlooked, and many people don't know where it is, so I have a map on the back of my business cards. Shows the 2 main crossing streets and my location in the shopping center.

On the front, I also put the word "Owner" right below my name, and I do not list an email address as I do not wish to be contacted that way. I do plan to add my shop's Facebook address on the front of the card in the future.

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I think your web site address, if you have one, should also be on everything.



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I had a blurb on the back describing our services, because I think it's good to have the customer understand that you can frame for their home as well as their office, you can deliver, you can install, you frame jerseys, you do diplomas, etc.