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what method to use


True Grumbler
I am wanting to enlarge some vintage postcards and make prints of them. What method would you suggest for best results? Copy , scan or digital picture of cards then print. Also any suggestions on type of print. As you can tell not my expertise here trying to learn and thought you all could get me started in the right direction and save me some mistakes. Thanks
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SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Do you have equipment? If not, Jay H on here does a great job.
ALso, in Lexington, there is a place called Photo Therapy. They do good work as well.


PFG, Picture Framing God
More importantly, do you have permission to enlarge and use or sell them?


True Grumbler

No I do not have that level of equipment and they are in public domain. Thanks for your reply.


True Grumbler
Ok I just read the article on digital studio I think I am getting the ideal!

Warren Tucker

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
The post cards were probably printed on an offset press so there will be the problem of descreening. Good scanning software usually has a built in descreening function but I don’t like to descreen during scanning because there is little control. I usually scan a half tone at 300ppi at output size and then use the Photoshop plug-in, Digital GEM by Kodak, to blur the little dots that will show up on any enlargement. Then resharpen in Photoshop on a new layer using the high pass filter and hard light blending mode (control the amount of sharpening by varying the opacity of the layer) until the dots just begin to show. The result is usually pretty good. I know you probably won’t actually do this, but at least you can discuss the process with whomever you chose to scan the post cards.

As to whether you have permission to use the images, who’s likely to complain? There’s a guy who’s been doing this around here for years and so far, no complaints. I think the first action of a complaint is to cease and desist at which point you can just stop. Of course, I’m no intellectual rights lawyer and I wouldn’t follow my advice but you may be more of a risk taker (I think the risk is pretty small).I couldn’t even begin to do something like this because in digital imaging reputation is everything.
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