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Where are we?

Discussion in 'The Voting Booth' started by Kit, Apr 19, 2002.



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  1. Kit

    Kit SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    DON'T TAKE THIS POLL - TRY THE OTHER ONE. I THINK IT WILL WORK BETTER (and Delaware is correctly spelled on part 2)

    ArtLady asked such an interresting question. Is this a good way to answer it?

    Rats! - This isn't going to work. Anyone who'd like to fix it is welcome to do so.
  2. The King

    The King SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God

    Kit, Maybe instead of 56 questions with 2 possible answers, you need one question with 56 choices, if that's an option. (Just don't forget Finland. We have at least one Finnish grumbler.)
  3. Framerguy

    Framerguy PFG, Picture Framing God


    Ron's right. (Well, this one time!) That was like going through the index of a World Atlas without the maps.

    You can use one question and type in 58 or whatever number choices you want to have. And just to cover all the bases, I would add a selection for "other" for any Grumblers whose country you may have overlooked.

    Just by coincidence, I had a man in my gallery from Finland yesterday. He was really interested in anything Native American and bought 3 items to take back for his family. He also found out that I was a Fredrick Remington buff and he ordered 4 Remington posters if I can locate them and ship them to him. Nice to have visitors like that occasionally.


  4. ArtLady

    ArtLady SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    Maybe it didn't work but you got them in alphabetical order.
  5. rosetl

    rosetl CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2


    Please ahead and do it again with one question and 59 answers -- adding Finland and OTHER, just to be safe! And, since I'm from Delaware, I noticed the typo there (not Deleware, a common error).

    Then see if this one can just be deleted!
  6. Hannu Nystrom

    Hannu Nystrom True Grumbler

    Truly nice to see that while taking a couple of days off the co-grumblers are fighting for my rights to have a decent poll.

    Finnish tourists are always like that: willing to spend a lot, intrested in local history.
    Honestly :D


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