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Where has all the Grumblers gone

Andrew Lenz Jr.

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
The thing that FB has going for it is that it's very "in your face". It reminds you all day long that your friend posted something in XYZ group. Or your friend commented on a post in ABC group. FB wants to be used—badly. It's often obnoxious.

The Grumble is not "in your face". If it followed the behavior of FB, most of us would probably close our Grumble accounts!!



SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Interesting how insults are used in various cultures....

Seeing an old friend, you might say "Hello you old *******. How are you doing?" It's an expression
of affection and most people would 'get it'. Conversely, saying "What's your game Pal?" Might be used
aggressively. Non-native English speakers can take such remarks the wrong way and FB is fairly universal.

It's a well-known internet phenomenon that without the benefit of body language innocent phrases can be
taken as grave slurs. That's why :)s are more than just a frivolity. 😉
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