Will you be closed on July 5th?

Will you be closed on July 5th?

  • We are closed on Mondays already

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PFG, Picture Framing God
Will you be closed on July 5th?


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I'm just curious. we are closed on Mondays normally ,as athrough bak to when Marie my wife , attended needlework Mastery Calsses on Mondays. Now it has just become a habit,since it allowed us to do any needed errand running . However I am considering changeing( Marie has been out with surgery for months)and i am there alone anyway.
But why are others closed on Mondays?


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Just curious: why would anyone be closed on Monday? Or Saturday for that matter? Just curious.

John Ranes II CPF GCF

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We're going to be closed on Monday, the 5th, as well as Saturday the 3rd, and Sunday the 4th....Why not!

A break for everyone in the middle of the summer. We're open six days a week almost every week, seven days in December; Open until 7pm every week night. We've given potential customers ample opportunity to get their things framed.

<font size=6><font color = red><c>Enjoy the holiday!</c></font size></font color>



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Michael ;I get your drift. But what i left out was that when Marie was attending Mastery Classes on Mondays I was still employed at the Oilrefinery so it was entirely possible and probable that no one would be there. ( I even got called in on my days off while at the shop) But I fully realize that for some NOTHING takes presidence over the shop.
That was Marie's only day off other than Sundays and then some times we went back to the shop on those days depending on my Refinery schedule. So if we wanted to see each other more than passing in the night shutting up shop was the only option.Explain any better????


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I used to be closed only on Sunday but since I work alone I felt that I needed a week day to run errands. Monday seemed like a logical choice.
I am usually in the store for at least 1/2 the day on Monday and the door is open to customers.
I will also take appointments.

I sometimes wonder if I'm losing business but I have found that regular customers will come back.
Besides it was take the risk of losing a little business or lose what's left of my sanity!

By the way, welcome back Mike!


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
I'm with Deb. For eleven years I was open six days a week and it was wearing on me and making me slightly nuts, not to mention having absolutely no life outside of the shop. Two years later, I'm still happy with my decision.


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We will be closed Friday the 2nd thru Monday the 5th for a short (but well deserved) vacation - there are times when you just have to get away

stud d

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the shop i am at is closed Saturday thru Monday. We are usually closed Mondays. If need be we can go in to work and not have to worry about customers, it also helps when you have those biggies-over 40x60 that you need to devote special time too.
I can't wait, I get to go see my new baby niece in NC, so I am kwite happy to have the extra day off.

Baer Charlton

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No brainer. As the sign in the liquer store always said:

"Get your 5th on the 3rd 'cuz were closed on the 4th"
It's a holly day.

Actually were are normally closed on Monday because a billion years ago the store space we are in was a Barbershop.
Saturday, we're open 10-2. If you train 'em right, they behave. Actually 2, is when we lock the door, not the other way around.

Did I loose ya?



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co policy we arealways off the tuesday after a national holiday if it falls on a sunday or monday. so we have sun, mon, tues off