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Windows 7 End of Support


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
So they tell me that was yesterday, the 14th.

Could anyone explain then, why I just got two updates this evening? For Windows 7? :faintthud:

I have a new laptop with Win10 on it (well, new 2.5 years ago - I have never used it because I hate it). :icon45:

I could switch over to that - but, other than kitting it out with 7 skin, I still hate it and I can't find my mouse for it. :shrug:

Didja miss my stoopid computer questions? :icon21:
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MGF, Master Grumble Framer
It could be that your systems were not updated with the latest update batches and it’s catching up. Maybe.

Mike Labbe

Member, Former moderator team volunteer
I doubt it - the darned thing updates virtually every other day. :rolleyes:
Well if it has been turned off for years, it has to catch up with the previous monthly updates as well as the once every 6 month major updates/new version of windows.
Once all of that is installed, you probably will only see it happen about once per month, on an early tuesday of each month, at 2 or 3am.

Windows 10 is the fastest and most stable one yet, IMO. It's decent! It's actually a lot like Windows 7, compared with the 2 versions between 7 and 10. (Windows 8 and Windows Vista, which were very different)

I suggest giving it serious consideration, because it will be far more secure.



SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
The problem with using an unsupported system like W7 is that without updates it becomes vulnerable to hackers, spam, malware.......etc.

I was happy enough with 7 for years but have now upgraded to W10 and apart from a few quirks I am still figuring out I am quite happy with it. Updates happen around once a week and, so far, have caused no problems. 7, on the other hand used to regularly "chew on" an update - trying and failing to load it on every boot up until I told it to ignore it.

Over all, the change was a bit like getting out of a Ford and driving a Chevy - things are laid out differently but the general way it works is the same and if I can adapt to it anyone can.


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
It was the Win 7 machine that updated the day after the support ended.

The Win 10 machine had to completely reinstall itself (took hours and hours!) but I heard on the radio about the critical update that some government agency decided to share with Microsoft because the threat they found was so dire.

Mike Labbe

Member, Former moderator team volunteer
The 30 min-2 hour one would have been a spring or fall update (basically a major service pack/new version) Windows 10 gets 2 of these every year, and keeps improving. If it was turned off for months, it has to catch up with all the regular updates that came while it was off.

The one on the news was a quick 1-2 minute patch

The win7 update you applied the day after it ended was probably released before the end date, and was just waiting. Most likely the update included the code that nags you to stop using Windows 7 and to get a new computer with Windows 10 :) (a popup message) Although they arent actively updating windows 7 (from 2001) any more, the update center is still alive for systems to become current with the previous updates.

I hope that makes sense
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