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Terry Hart cpf

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Does anyone use Yelp? How's it working?
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SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
I was just wondering last week about Yelp and its ilk. There are so many of those "local yellow pages" kind of pages now - is it really worth it to say yes to "Is this your business?" I have never filled out any of those things since years ago when I could not find a category to fit into on Yahoo.

Plus Yelp seems to be popular for giving whiners a forum.

My theory is if to ignore all of them.


Angry Badger
From what I've seen of Yelp, it is un-moderated, and uncivil. PaulSF got bashed by someone on Yelp and it took what seemed like a long time to get things squared away.
A small business owner gave the President a bear hug when he visited his restaurant. He was verbally assaulted (with severe piling on) on Yelp by some people who don't agree with the President's policies.
As long as they allow political harangue on their site, I will avoid them like the Plague. Yelp is supposed to be about business review, not the evil adopted brother of the BBB.


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
As the Sgt. Major would say" Yelp is for Pussies"

Frame Lady

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Yelp is currently being sued, wish I could remember where, I read it in the Times a few weeks back. Why, because they do not disclose all the reviews, only what they want you to see. Check your name, see how many reviews, then look at the lower left corner of the page bottom and use your magnifying glass to see the very light grey tag line that says additional reviews and click on it and maybe, just maybe, more reviews will show up. And then tell me how many people will find that little grey bar to click on, by then they are gone since the average computer person only stays there what like 15 seconds. Even I did not know this until I read the article and the lady who was bashed so badly mentioned it in her article.

They call me weekly to advertise by paying them money, they use the ruse that people are searching my name all the time when it is ME who is searching my name to see if anyone if writing anything about me!

Does anyone out there use Angie's List?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Does anyone out there use Angie's List?
I used to as a consumer but eventually became a bit jaded when they started running deal of the day pieces that weren't deals in any way. Also, they were running deals of the day with people who had crummy ratings on their reviews. I called and spoke with them and got the feel that Angies really didn't care any more than anything else as long as they were generating their $$$. So I dropped them and moved along.

Mike Labbe

Member, Former moderator team volunteer
I doubt most consumers would PAY for access to Angies List, when so many free resources exist. There are more than a dozen sites, online yellow pages, and search engines that offer this type of service for free.

Our customers DO sometimes mention them, and use them to screen out vendors with negative reviews. I am one of the people who will check these sites out before making a major purchase. (tree removal service, garage door replacement, siding, roofing company, etc) They all have some questionable reviews that look like they were faked (bribed/asked for by the owner, posted by vendor/relatives), and some that are jaded (ex employee, competitor, or just a grumpy customer). You can usually see through those, and the reviews are still very helpful. (I think the same mischief applies to the "voted best of..." contests.)

I think having a completed profile with some pictures, directions, hours, is a GOOD thing. It may get you the sale, instead of a competitor. It shows that there's an interest in maintaining the business, and being current. Besides, a competitor could claim YOUR listing, and set it as they wish - or say that you are out of business. One of our listings was once hijacked in this way. All they need is a free/fake email address, and many sites offer these. (hotmail, gmail, etc)



SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Good point, Mike. Do you enter information on all of the sites out there? Merchant Circle, which I cannot seem to shed, sends me emails saying that there are over 30 sites that need to be attended to. They have partnered with a company called Yesk (?) which, for a mere $60 a month, will do this for me. Ayup.
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