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Your Marketing and Display Ideas for Upcoming Event

Sherry Gray

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Doug Marlette, creator of Kudzu, political cartoonist and novelist lives part-time in the town where my shop is located. His latest book, Magic Time, is a fabulous read. He is doing a book signing at the shop on May 12 and we've billed it, "The Magic of Stories" to bring together his book title and the stories of shadowboxes. If you could expand on my planned display and marketing ideas, I would appreciate it.
Book Display (table and window) already in the shop. We are selling his novels to our customers and at the same time talking up the book signing. Display includes some other books from the local library since he's giving a donation to the library after the event.
Shadowbox Display. My plan is to have only framing that tells a story on display the day of the signing. Some are my personal pieces and some are customer pieces that are on loan from the owner. In large type, we are printing the "story" and placing it on the framed piece. I'm using a combination of hanging items and easel displays. The easel displays will be placed to make a "path" to Marlette the day of the signing and as folks stand in line they can read the story.
Book Sale Table. The day of the signing, we'll have a book sale table just outside the shop door (limited space inside). There's a great covered space there and I'll have one "seller" and one "greeter" on hand to help with traffic flow.
Press Release. I use a marketing consultant to write press releases and help with special events. Next week, she will send the press release to about 20 different media outlets. Because of Marlette's international fame, I hope most outlets will run the release.
Print Ads. The Marlette's are paying for print ads in the local paper.
Flyers. 1000 distributed by the library, 1,000 direct distribution to homes, and each customer who comes in the shop between now and May 12 receives one.
Information on Website
E-Newsletter to 1,000. List will include e-mail addresses from two different lists the Marlette's have; and my own list we use on a regular basis.
Signage outside the shop.
Press Release to all Alamance County librarians. Marlette's first book was chosen as the "Alamance Reads" book for 2006.
Press Release to all Chamber of Commerce members.
Do you have other ideas for display or marketing?
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PFG, Picture Framing God
What about having a photo of 8 or 10 objects and having children write a story about them? Then perhaps put the objects (or their photos) into a mock shadowbox with the winning 'story', just like the real ones. Or maybe four or six of them. But you may have to save such an idea for the next Event...

Artistic Framer

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Press That Release

Having been involved with gallery openings on a monthly basis, I've found the press release to be invaluable. Having a release sent on a regular basis keeps you in the "eye" of the media & sometimes you get lucky. Sure yours is a one-off event, but you may just catch a big break.

Aside from inclusion in the regular local calendar listings (print, radio, tv), you may be contacted for an interview. In your release, make a stipulation that you/the artist will be available prior to the opening for an interview and photos/video. This gives the media time to compose articles/stories & get the word out before the event takes place...not just a recap of something exciting that has already happened. Nothing quite like a free "spot" on your local news to get some attention!

Does Marlette have any prints of his work? If not, the originals are even more popular. They're usually larger than the print versions & have additional writings/drawings in the borders that never make it to print. Collectors eat this up...and wouldn't that be a good story to tell as well?

You didn't say anything about the continuation of your show. "Marlette's work will be displayed through the month of May." Important for traffic after the opening/signing.

Very exciting...Good luck!

Sherry Gray

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
We're not actually planning to have his cartoon drawings at the show, nor will any be for sale. The "show" will be the best of our framing. He wants to focus on his books, and I want to focus on our framing. For you readers out there, Magic Time is about the civil rights movement, and one of the best books I've read in forever.
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