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Thread: Where to Buy Replacement Pump for VacuSeal 4468H

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    Default Where to Buy Replacement Pump for VacuSeal 4468H

    Do you where I can buy a replacement pump for VacuSeal 4468H. I don't know if this is working or not but when I go through the manual, it states that when I turn on the pump it should read 20HG in 1 minute. Mine just stays at 0 HG. I never used this machine before so I don't know if it works or not. There is power, timer is working, it heats up, I hear pump pumping.

    I put in a regular poster with heat mount time 4 min at 173 degrees. The poster don't stick to the mount paper and foamboard. The Vacuseal does get hot.

    Do you know where I can have support for this machine or hire an expert for help. I am in CA OC Thanks
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    Di you make sure that the lid of the press was closed tightly?

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    You can check the pump by disconnecting it at the press and turn on the pump then put you thumb on the open end of the hose. You will know right away if the pump functions. Before doing that much work try holding the lid down while running for a minute. If it catches we can talk you through the adjustment.

    In most cases if the pump runs it works. It may not work at capacity but pumps are very trouble free.
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    We have had to make several adjustments to our VacuSeal. Try leaning on the top in various places with the pump on and see if it starts to build. If it does, check the black foam support for tears or gaps. We had to replace the foam on one side due to several deteriorated spots. I don't know about these numbers being current for support: 800.873.4868, 877.795.9680, 305.653.0037, 305.653.8632.
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    Try the DK Group, they seem to own what used to be Seal, then Bienfang... You'll most likely wind up talking to Tech Support in Statesville, NC. I can't remember the girls names, but they're great to work with.

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