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metal frame


    Feeling (Red,White and) Blue...

    Love these frames from Bridger Metal Works! The art is pedestal mounted on rag board, floated on Franks Fabric (#2397 Lancer Navy), and glazed with UV acrylic from Acrylite. The frame is 1.5"x1.5" Angle steel in Big Sky Blue with Mill Texture. The finished piece is 35"x45".
  2. N

    Questions about a continuous metal frame

    I had a customer bring in a unique metal frame (see photos), and he'd like us to mount some new pieces in this manner. It's very thin and close to the glass, and is one continuous piece, or at least was made to look this way. I've seen this style a couple times before, but I've never made one or...
  3. FramerKat

    Question Anyone know what frames are used in the YouTube "Play Button" awards?

    I'm a huge YouTube watcher and have been seeing some of my favorite YouTubers receive these awards. Just watched Tested (it's a channel that Adam & Jamie from Mythbusters started) receiving their one million subscribers one and the frame looks really nice. They mentioned that it is metal...
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