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Framecon 2021


  1. justawhitemat

    Help Mirror Help!

    Client (whom I cannot say no to despite a strong desire, longtime customer and former owner) is sending 3 huge mirrors to me. she is emailing the dimensions so I don't have them exact right now but they are all around 50" x 80-94" with bevels. They are hanging in a hotel (?) on an island so...
  2. M

    Acrylic and static

    I have a drawing (on paper, large panorama) that's in the shop right now and it's to be float mounted. I know that static in acrylic will lift the drawing to the glazing. More hinging points means more noticeable points everywhere. Optium may not be within reach. Will thicker (1/4 or 3/8")...
  3. K

    Question How do you decide thickness of Acrylic to use?

    Hey there! So I lurk here (quite a bit) and have been searching through the threads for a guide on using acrylic, specifically what thicknesses are suitable for larger jobs. Currently for me, a large job is about 60" in the biggest direction. When I started years ago, we rarely did this sort of...
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