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woodworks by john

  1. Woodworks by John

    Tabernacle Frame is Done

    I know that there are some of you on the Grumble who have been interested about the progress of this Tabernacle Frame. Honestly, it was a great learning experience and I'm ready to take on another one! I've detailed more of the final stages in the final blog...
  2. Woodworks by John

    Latest Frame Design: Beaded Landscape

    Although my work probably falls more into the category of woodworking rather than strictly picture farming thought I'd share the latest design on the Grumbler! All of it started out with Basswood; Peterman Lumber here in Phoenix carries a 1 1/16" thick random width/length which was the basis...
  3. Woodworks by John

    Chameleon gets Framed

    Here's the latest carved frame that I've been working on. Just a side note is that there have been a few other clients besides my wife that have had me do some frames for them, glad that's happening here for me. Very hard to compete with mass-produced and imported frames although I try to keep...
  4. Woodworks by John

    Floater Frames -- New to Me!

    Recently my wife and best client asked if I could make a 14" x 18" floater style frame for a stretched canvas painting she recently completed. Although I knew what a floater frame is I had no idea of how to make one. Checking the usual YouTube and other online sources showed the amatuerish...
  5. Woodworks by John

    Japan Black with Gold Frame

    Thought I'd share a recent frame, it's a 12" x 16" and made of the Basswood profile I recently had Barger Molding here in Phoenix mill for me. I wanted a profile that could be used with stretched canvas so it has a deep enough rabbet and is 4" wide. This one isn't carved but instead black with...
  6. Woodworks by John

    Final Frame for Meyer Vogl Show

    I've shared the other frames designed for my wife's upcoming show so thought I'd share the final one as well! You may recall that these frames were made from moldings bought at Foster Planing Mill which we found in their "seconds area". Foster always advertises in PFM and is a major supplier...
  7. Woodworks by John

    Sharing another Frame Design

    Some of you are following my work so I'll just keep posting it on this forum. I've always been kind of a solitary soul in my work so by sharing my work here I'll hopefully get some critiques, comments, or questions. This particular frame is out of Basswood and consists of a panel with a beaded...
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