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Fletcher 2100 cutting head problems

DIS Nancy

Grumbler in Training
Hi All,

I have a twenty-one year old Fletcher 2100 and have loved it since I bought it and it has served me well until recently. For some reason when we cut an opening or a v-groove, which we do a lot, it has started cutting close to 1/16 off from the one end of the cut to the other, so for example the cut may be 3" on one end and 3-1/16 on the other, or the v-groove will be skinny at one end and fat at the other. I recently installed new bearings, sleeves, etc. believing that would solve our problem, but no so. We have measured every aspect of the unit and have it perfectly aligned and we still get the offness. Frustrating to say the least. I contacted Fletcher to purchase a whole new head and was informed they no longer make partsd for the 2100, nor do they have any heads in their inventory. Very disappointing. It's not like this is a wrench or some other expendable tool. The set screw on the top (where it clearly states - "do not overtighten" is now cranked down beyond where it should be and that seems to have helped a little, but of course it now drags somewhat as you move it and doesn't sound right. We have always used the 05-150 blades, could it be that they are now thinner and are bending/twisting? I thought the steel glide bar was tool grade steel and if I'm correct, it should not be worn, but I may be wrong. There is slightly some play in the head, (left to right). Should that be that way or should it be resistant of any movement? I am at a loss, and this is affecting our production, so If anyone has experienced this and can provide a solution I would greatly appreciate some advice. Thanks

Jim Miller

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Forum Donor
Does the head seem to be loose or wobble side-to-side at all? If so, does it wobble more at one end or the other? Are the adjustment screws on the sides functioning properly?


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
We have always used the 05-150 blades, could it be that they are now thinner and are bending/twisting?
DIS Nancy, I have noticed a similar issue with my v-grooves being ever so slightly uneven. The blade seems to pull out of alignment near the end of the cut. I haven't had time to go to the measure you have to re-align my machine.

On a somewhat related note?

Recently I discovered a pack of Fletcher Terry 05-016 mat cutting blades in an old box of stuff.

They are single side beveled as opposed to both sides beveled.

The bevel is deeper than the “normal” mat blades I usually use (LJ #1200).

The Fletcher Terry website says they can both be used in the 2100/2200 series cutters but offers no details about the purpose of the difference in blade types.

Does anyone know if there is a specific purpose to single vs. double-beveled blades?

Would a single-sided deep bevel be better for cutting foam board maybe? Or is one type stiffer than another?

I’ve done a few test mats with the 05-016 blade. They seem to be OK. Haven’t tried changing which side the bevel is on though….hmm…perhaps more testing is required.

Would trying a different blade perhaps help identify your problem?