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LJ Online Ordering

Larry Peterson

PFG, Picture Framing God
Larson-Juhl has graciously welcomed me back after the fiasco that was DonMar. I have phoned in my first few orders but want to started entering them online.

The process seems a bit hooky to me so perhaps I am missing something. Perhaps the wise LJ customers can tell me what my senior-moment brain can't.

On the page for any particular item there is no "Add To Cart' button. There is only a "Add To Requisition List" button. So I add it to the list and then have to search for the Requisition List because it isn't on any of the menus.

After I locate it under my profile button, I open the list and there I can add the items on my Requisition List to the cart.

Am I missing something here? Why the Requisition List? Its an unneeded extra step. Or am I missing something?


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
You have to "calculate price" then add to cart button shows up

Larry Peterson

PFG, Picture Framing God
Thanks. Not intuitive at all. As someone who has written a shopping cart from scratch, I never would have done it that way.

It should be simple. A box to enter quantity and the 'Add To Cart' button. They are being too cute by not showing the cart button. It should always be shown. The way most sites work, mine included, there is a blank quantity box and a cart button. Clicking the cart button with nothing in the quantity box does nothing. No harm, no foul. Only after you enter a quantity does it go to the cart page. They have different things they are checking such as quantity available, type (length, chop, box, etc) but all that can be taken care of and still show the 'Add to Cart' button. At a minimum they can gray the button out until whatever criteria for ordering is met.

But now that I know, I will quit whining about this. Thanks again.


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
I just go straight to the Cart (top right corner).
Skip all that part about Requisition Lists and Calculate Price.
All relevant information will come upon next steps.

Click 'Add New Item'
A field opens to enter SKU

Enter item # you want. (It will even autofill all possible items with those numbers)
Adjust Unit of Measure, Notes, Quantity, etc.
Click Add Item button.

Repeat 'Add New Item'

It tabulates running total after each item entered.
You can instantly see how much stock is available, unit price, etc.

It's a little slower than some systems, but I think that's because it is checking the database live for up to date quantities etc.


Forum Support Team
Team member
Forum Donor
They have somehow figured out how to get real inventory level numbers. Most systems will show 20 1-foot sticks as 20 Ft. But their numbers are pretty accurate all the time.

I go straight to the cart, too.
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