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Masterpiece 550 press


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Our press is currently having a situation, It will not heat up it goes from 69 degrees to 66 degrees any help or suggestions would be great I have replace the thermal fuse.


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While It could be a heating element, it is also likely to be a bad thermostat. They are relatively inexpensive, $35 - 50. Most distributors keep them in stock and very easy to replace.

They come with instructions, but it is a few screws to open up the area under the temperature knob, then 2 screws to loosen the wires and remove the old one. Then reverse the process and you are done.

I replace them about every 2 years in my 500. The warning I get is the temperature suddenly starting to rise above where it is set. But they are all slightly different. It is really just a big iron.

Jim Miller

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These days the dry mounting adhesives activate at 140-160 degrees F (60-71 degrees C), so it's a good idea to check the function of your machine's thermostat and heating elements. Hot spots and cold spots can be more of a problem at such low activation temperatures.

So, I suggest using a digital laser infrared thermometer, like this one for $26.00 at Amazon. Just point and shoot. You could spend a lot more for a more-durable "professional" model, but this one seems to work just fine for me.
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